weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos
Dear Baby Gil

Week by Week | Pregnancy Reflections

It seems like forever and yesterday when we announced our expected bundle of joy arriving in May. Now, here we are, Gemma’s birthday! There’s nothing like a good blog to take up a morning of waiting to go into the hospital!

I was hesitant at first to take the weekly photos, but began taking them the week we found out #tanbaby was a girl!  That was on December 18th, and then somehow, there was some monumental day, or holiday each week to celebrate the growing bump with!

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

I felt like this was the moment to share my thoughts on pregnancy—including cravings, advice and books + apps I loved. I thought I was going to be awesome at keeping up with a pregnancy journal, but no. I filled out maybe 3 pages, and haven’t touched it since November. I do have a fabulous app idea for pregnancy though, if you’re an app developer… hit me up! If I don’t document anything else, at least I’ll have these memories down to share with Gemma! Maybe you can sympathize with a few!


weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

I would say that pregnancy was relatively easy for me from what I’ve heard from others about constant nausea, aches and pains, and scary random things happening throughout. I’d like to think that was God’s little gift to us, after the pain of miscarriage.

I thought the weeks prior to the gender reveal were the most nerve-wracking, and slowest. Once we found out she was a girl, I felt so much peace in knowing that she was going to be safe, and continue to grow. I think the entirety of pregnancy went by quickly, and can attribute that to the three remodels that took place from September, and finishing up about two weeks ago. I helped as much as I could, and am so thankful for that distraction! January-May are always my busiest work months, so add that on top of construction, and normal baby nesting, and you’ve got a million reasons for pregnancy to fly by.

I would not classify myself as one who loved being pregnant, but I didn’t hate it either. I mostly saw it as a means to an end. It’s definitely been more fun once she was moving around, but I never knew where she was, so I have no idea if I was feeling a foot, elbow, head, etc. I felt really great until about mid-way through week 38, and then the Alabama heat kicked in, as did my cankles, swelling and exhaustion. I attribute the wellness to exercising until week 35, and that half marathon my mom and I did during week 27. Kudos to all those mamas who will be going through the summer pregnant, and a special shot out to my mom for suffering through for this September baby.

Memorable Weeks

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

I suffered from nausea from about week 9 to week 23ish, however, I survived with relative ease with the help of prescription Diglesis, which is mostly a combination of Unisom and B6. I loved it because it also helped me sleep, but coming off of it was not as fun. I woke up several nights around 2, 3 and 4am and there was no going back to sleep those times!

One of the weirdest weeks was the week(s) of the super horrible stye. I definitely think this was pregnancy hormone related, and boy was it a doozie! It lasted for about two weeks before I went to the doctor, then I ended up having to have it drained (ew, gross) and it still wasn’t totally gone for another two months! To be honest, if I wear make-up too many days in a row, or don’t take off my make-up well, I can still feel and see it.

Sadly, I don’t remember which week I felt Gemma first move for real, but I definitely felt something on Christmas Day. It was just once, and it was a big roll, but I didn’t know at the time if it was a true move or not. I did make a note that Rudy got to feel her move for the first time on February 5!

Cravings + Aversions

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

When I had to fill out the “This or That” thing for the old-wives tale for the gender reveal, I don’t think I could accurately put down the Sweet v. Salty answer. At that time I pretty much survived on crackers and pasta. Now, I can definitely say “Sweets!”. I think everyone knows how much I love donuts anyways, but really, I ate donuts like a boss. Also, cake, chocolate chip cookies, candy, ice cream… you name it.

I had a huge meat aversion starting around week 8, and I didn’t start eating it again until  week 19. At that time, I really only wanted Cheeseburgers. I added steak soon after that, but avoided all things chicken and pork, especially bacon for the duration. I did actually have some chicken tenders on Saturday, and they were tasty! And, I think one of my first meals will be a Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club. I can see the normalcy coming back, which is much welcomed by Rudy! Since mid-March I’ve had killer heartburn, and try to avoid tomato based sauces… however, the heartburn came anyways. When I was hungry, or when I was full, during the night… you name it! I hope that means she has some hair on that little noggin’!

Some memorable stints of food runs… one night we ate Waffle House for dinner at 5pm. Let me tell you it was not all I cracked it up to be in my brain. Without alcohol, it’s honestly a little gross. I craved Asian foods for a week or two, but ate two much Ichiban and got grossed out on that.

I think the longest run was my obsession with cereal. I have always loved cereal, but this was something more. I constantly kept two boxes in the house, and always rotating through. I did eat too many Golden Grahams one day, and don’t think I will want those for a long, long time. Apple Jacks made an appearance more than anything else.

In the beginning, I only wanted Orange Juice, which is apparently super common for those having girls! I moved on to Cranberry Juice, then mostly survived on water and G2 for a while. On New Years Day I had to have a Dr. Pepper, and during the month of April and May, I was in love with Diet Pepsi. (gross, right?)

I wish I could say I ate healthy, and nothing changed, but that would be a total lie. I lived on starches, and rarely ate veggies, except salads. Fries, pasta and cheese were my go-tos.

A Few of My Favorite Things

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

I read a total of two books during this pregnancy, but I would buy them for every pregnant person I know, if I could afford it! The first book I read was “Expecting Better”. For those who have miscarried before, this book can seriously ease your mind. Also, for winos like me, it can give you some real stats on drinking during pregnancy, although I can honestly say I never had a sip. Only later in pregnancy did it even start smelling good (and mostly beer!), so it just seemed stupid at that point. Plus, wine sometimes gave me heartburn before pregnancy, and I didn’t need anymore of that in my life. Even if you’re not a wino, it also gives fantastic stats on coffee drinking, autism, still-birth and more.

The second book I read was “Bringing Up Bebe”. I was hesitant to read any parenting books, because I don’t feel like they are very individual, and every kid is different. However, the bases of this book really hit home to me. I don’t think anyone wants to raise a child that thinks the world revolves around them, or that is a real brat, and this book gives some real things that you can do to help tackle these things. Let’s be honest though, I’m not yet a parent, so I’ll check back in a little later with a new Book Report Blog Series on some more specifics, and how some of the things are working out for us!

If you’ve been around me in the last month, you know I constantly wear my “Mrs. Doubtfire Suit”. As the heat cranked up, and my belly got heavy, this little gem was a must-have. It keeps the belly tight, and the thighs apart. Summer mamas, order. this. today.

I shopped at two places, Old Navy and H&M. I wore out my dresses from both places. I did not want to spend much on clothes, so my MIL made my pre-pregnancy jeans into maternity jeans along the way! Besides those things, I lived in the winter in the long version of these Target pants. The belly support was amazing, and you’ll want two pair just in case.

I think most people know about the Ovia app, but it was the most entertaining and informative for us. My favorite options were the food and medicine safety look-up! We also used BabyCenter for a while, but not as much as Ovia.

And this tripod adapter for my iPhone, helped me take all the weekly photos, because I didn’t want Rudy to have to be #instagramhusband any more than we already is!

Now that’ I’ve successfully passed an hour or more writing this blog, I guess there’s only one more picture to post! (P.S. Thanks to Target one-spot for totally forgetting the “I” in birthday…)

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

We can’t wait to finally share that Gemma has arrived. We appreciate and love everyone of you who has checked on our nerves this weekend, and this morning. It’s go time!

And, just so you can see the transformation all together… Can you pick out the different holidays/events?!

weekly pregnancy photos, pregnancy time-lapse, pregnancy belly photos

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