Dear Baby Gil,  Let's Party

Two Infinity & Beyond! | Gemma’s Second Birthday

I had big, fun plans to post this blog on the Friday of the release of Toy Story 4, but the night before I broke out in mysterious hives and was at the doctor and waiting for prescriptions until the moment it was time to leave town. After I missed the day, it felt like a real Buzz-kill. See what I did there?!

Regardless, I must share these party photos with you because it was seriously so, so cute. I know people (ahem, my husband) think I’m a crazy person for doing all this, but seriously, this is fun to me! (lame, right?) If party planning didn’t involve other crazy people like myself, I might be on board for a new career. But for now, I save all the crazy for my own kid’s party!

Gemma was, and still is, obsessed with the moon, stars and all things in the sky during her second year. It was an easy choice to do a little Buzz Lightyear theme and add in all of the moons and rockets too! I could not have loved her invitations more, except 90% of them arrived super late, and of those, pretty much all were damaged. I learned some pretty hard (and expensive!) invitation lessons during this little shindig too! At least they will live beautifully in photos.

I know no one (except those who attended) will remember that last year for her birthday party it was literally the hottest day on record, and then it became a monsoon as soon as we packed up. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson about outdoor spaces, but they are just so much prettier for kids parties! Plus, we’ve got a pretty large guest list filled with family and friends and all their littles so we’ve got to have some space! (omg, another pun?!)

We had some showers & storms looming that made us move quickly through the food, presents, and cake, but all of the rain held out and we actually had the most pleasant breeze! With the shade from the park, it was a magical weather day for May! The rest of the time was spent chasing kiddos around the playground.

First birthday smash cakes are great, but this year she was actually excited about digging into the whole cake by herself!

I was super pumped when our photographer offered to meet us a few days before the party to capture some images of us as a family, because she knew how hectic it would be the day of. (She was totally right!) But mostly because it was really hard to keep the birthday girl away from the playground! I was also happy to grab a few without her wings on. 🙂

Thank you so much to our family & friends for coming and celebrating another year of fun with our little Gemma girl!

Happy second birthday to my sweet precious little Gem. It’s an amazing blessing to be your mom, and to see all of your friends and family surround you with love and a lot of gifts! You are truly laugh on a bad day, and I can’t wait to see what our next year holds!

A huge shoutout to our vendors:
Venue: Kids’ Space Pavillion
Photos: Jessica McCravy Studios
Balloons: Gina’s Balloons
Cake, Cookies & Cupcakes: Pup & People Treats
Alcohol: The Stem & Stein

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