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Top Ten | Non-Wedding Designs

Happy Friday, friends! Today I bring to you another Top Ten post, because who doesn’t love a good countdown!? This Top Ten post will be dedicated to our favorite Non-Wedding Designs of 2016! Although the bulk of our work is wedding design, we do take on other projects for businesses, personal stationery, birthdays and Christmas cards. (and on, and on, and on!)

Without further ado, our Top Ten Non-Wedding Designs of 2016!

Floral Graduation Suite
Graduation announcement on the front, party invitation on the back! These super custom graduation announcements combine the school’s colors on the front, but also showcase the girliness of Jordan’s senior portraits on the back. Her party guests also received a little notecard to fill out and bring with them to be able to share their graduation hopes and dreams for Jordan. Super special!

Tropical Personal Notecard
I feel like this design speaks for itself! Since we got these off the press, they have just brought an instant smile to our face! We’ve even been the recipient of this piece of work, and it brought another big smile! Ashley’s bright, tropical notecards are an easy favorite for the year!

Enchanted Evening Prom Tickets
What an honor to get to design these custom prom tickets for DAR, my first school, and the alma mater of my mom, dad, and much of my family! There is some kind of pressure behind designing a ticket that is going to be used by your Junior-year brother, and judged by high schoolers, who are some of the toughest critics in my opinion! These tickets turned out beautifully! We perforated the bottom half to give to the check-in desk, so they could keep the top half as a memento.

Bubbly Baby Brunch Invitations
It was a year of baby invitations, and it was so hard to choose between them all! These won out because they are so happy, and so baby boy! I especially love how the RSVP and registry information ended up looking on the back of the invitation in order to keep the front nice and clean! The handwritten fonts, the bright and happy colors… we’d love to make this invitation every day!

Wine + Everything Pairing Menus
The Wine + Girl Scout Cookie menu kicked off a year of booze + food pairing menus for one of my favorite local businesses, The Stem and Stein. There was no way we could have chosen just one favorite, but three of our favorite designs—Girl Scout Cookies, Ice Cream and Pumpkin are pictured below! The fun doesn’t end in 2016… Stem and Stein is still hosting monthly pairings! Hit them up, and have a glass or two for me!

Clean Cactus First Birthday Invitations
These invitations are special because they are my BFF’s little one’s first birthday invitations! They are also one of my favorite because I got pretty much full reign of what they looked like! I love the clean fonts, watercolor cacti, and of course, that darling matching liner!

Family Recipe Tea Towel
This was a custom project I did for myself, and my family, but they really were so special! These custom tea towels have my Granny’s handwritten recipes on them! I gave them to my aunt’s for Mother’s Day, which was also my Granny’s birthday! Even though no one, except me, probably really uses them as towels… they are truly a special reminder of all of the good cooking my Granny did in the kitchen! I tried to tell the recipients that we could always reprint them if they got dirty, but it didn’t matter—most said they would be framing them instead!

Trifold Christmas & Baby Announcement
Well, it’s easy to be close to the top when you put precious newborn photos on a card! But, these cards were so special and different because they were two-fold, literally! The front and back of the card served as Axel’s baby announcement, and the inside as the family’s Christmas card. If the timing works, why send out two things?! Instead, send out one awesome thing. Christina tied them up with the cutest raffia, and sent them out in festive green envelopes.

60th Birthday Balloon Invitations
We loved working with Lucy to bring her 60th birthday party dreams to life! She wanted it to be fun, fall and festive, but not be childish. Her idea of happiness was balloons, and she was going incorporate them throughout her party. This invitation was completed with a precious RSVP postcard, darling “60” tie-on, and a coordinating envelope liner.

Carnival Popcorn Party Invitation
Ah, you know it had to win! This invitation was an easy favorite all over social media! We even recreated it for two other parties last year! Lauren came to me with this vision about having an invitation that was also interactive. We hand-punched and placed each popcorn kernel on the top of the invitations, just enough to stick out of these vintage popcorn bags. Complete with a turquoise envelope to match the invitation text, these birthday invitations literally top the cake!

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