fiesta gender reveal
Dear Baby Gil

Señor or Señorita? | Gender Reveal Fiesta

My first thought in creating this blog was to share real bits of our life, and I always hoped it would be a little diary for our kids to be able to read about how we were “before” them. Like… we were fun once! Currently, we have major baby brain, so the bulk of the storytelling stems from that. I do plan on heading back to visit my 30 Before 30 list, show you our yearly Christmas house, and eventually share our journey to Baby Gil!

For now, I give you our very festive Fiesta Gender Reveal! I always planned on finding out the gender of our children, but didn’t really know if we would throw a party to share the news. After our family and friends were so excited for our announcement, it seemed only fair to throw them a little party, because we know that they will be showering us for the next little bit. Without much effort, we grew our list to an amazing amount. What can I say–we have a big family!

I think for me, it was amazing to see all of these people in one place, for a baby they haven’t even met. You see, my family is complicated. No secret there. There’s divorce, death, and remarriages, but all of that was set aside for us, and our baby. It was exactly as I imagined in a perfect little world. Three sets of Great-Grandparents, three sets of grandparents, countless cousins, soon-to-be-adopted aunts and uncles, crowded into one room, just to see pink or blue fall out of a taco. I could cry just typing it!

I’m sure by now you know the result of our reveal, but it’s worth sharing again, even to just share thank yous to the people who helped us pull off a truly special fiesta.

fiesta gender revealFlowers for girl, mustaches for a boy! We also had our guests fill cards with their names, predictions, name suggestions and a note for baby. We had the best time reading them after the party. Some of my favorites are below!
fiesta gender reveal
We had some of our favorite fiesta foods from friends at the The Chef Next Door, Rudy’s parents, and of course, Taco Mama!  The spread of food was outrageous, but so tasty!

Side note: Although our excitement for tacos is obvious, I’d like to mention that Rudy isn’t Mexican. He’s Puerto Rican and Dominican. We just love Mexican food. It can be confusing. 🙂

fiesta gender reveal fiesta gender revealMy favorite little station: Marg and Mom-a-ritasfiesta gender reveal

We also had some pretty amazing cookie favors from Hamley’s Bake Shoppe. I know I’m partial, but I think these are some of her cutest cookies ever. I mean, that taco bib & maraca onesie… I need them in real life!

fiesta gender reveal

Grandparents getting in the spirit!
fiesta gender revealfiesta gender reveal

I had already told Rudy that I needed him to thank everyone for coming before the big reveal because I knew I would get emotional, but I think the amount of people who loved us all piled in one room unexpectedly snuck up on him too! It was an emotional few minutes trying to choke out how much it meant that everyone was there… so we just had to jump in and pull the strings!

fiesta gender reveal fiesta gender revealThis moment forever and ever….fiesta gender reveal
Relive the moment HERE

A special thanks to my friend Katie, who’s expecting a baby BOY at the same time as us for being our piñata stuffer and ultimate secret keeper.fiesta gender reveal

My silly Grandmother was coming to congratulate us after the piñata had been spilled, and threw out her joke about naming our baby “Sanchez”. Well, joke is on her, because we surprised her by announcing our baby girl name!

Gemma Ruth Gil

Where’s the name from? Gemma is a name I’ve always loved. And, I love alliteration. The middle name—it’s my grandmother’s name, and Rudy’s dad’s motherly figure that passed away just last year. Rudy and I immediately agreed on this name! If it was a boy—a different story. We’ll keep that name in our back pocket and work out the kinks!

fiesta gender reveal

Friends & family celebrate Gemma!fiesta gender reveal fiesta gender reveal fiesta gender reveal

Our gender reveal party felt like a mini wedding! I felt like I missed talking to so many people, and it went by so fast! I’ll be eternally grateful for Rudy’s parents and sister slaving over cinnamon nachos, The Baggetts frying taquitos, and pulling fabulous food out of thin air. And to my mom, who isn’t pictured because she was doing the best job capturing photos of the event, in true mom fashion! And to all our family and friends for being there to share the moment with us! It’s hard to imagine that it only gets better from here!

fiesta gender reveal

Piñata: Etsy
Food: The Chef Next Door & Taco Mama
Cookies: Hamley’s Bake Shoppe
Invitation & Announcement Card: Salt + Paperie


  • Grandmother Joan

    Loved it! I am so glad to get to be a part of this special event. I have always hoped I was a “Great” Grandmother, but now it will be official!
    Love you guys so much!

  • Janice Bailey

    I loved this!! It made me tear up!! I am so happy for you guys!! Tell Rudy I love Puerto Rico men!! LOL I worked close with the Puerto Rico National Guard for 17 years!! Oh could I tell some stories!! Best group of guys in the world!! They called me their American Princess!! They treated me like a princess and a Queen!! You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful name especially Ruth!! I love my sweet friend Ruth Owen!!

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