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Quarantine Update | 1 month + 11 days

The good, the great, the reaaaaally bad and ugly. We’ve seen it all. I intended on updated at the month mark, but all the days run together, and we are both busy and bored every day. It’s the strangest of strange strange. We’ve been officially in quarantine (for real, for real) since the 15th of March. 11 days ago hit the month mark, but our lives today look exactly like they did 11 days ago, so it doesn’t make a hill-of-beans difference that I missed the mark. We’ve “broken” quarantine a total of 3 times, twice with my mom coming over to watch Gemma so Rudy and I can breeeeeathe and exercise together. And once, having Rudy’s parents over for Easter, in which we sat in the yard, 6 feet apart and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

The weather makes all the difference in our attitudes and adaptability. I keep seeing people talking about it snowing where they are quarantined and I think I would actually die. Rudy has been the “store” guy, and I have only been out of the house to exercise, thankfully getting some much needed sunshine most days. On cloudy days like today, Gemma’s attitude and easy going nature is not so great. We are all a little grouchier on these cloudy, windy, rainy days though.

Luckily we have had some beautiful days. We have spent a loottt of time in our redneck beach backyard. We actually found and ended up rescuing a bunny on Easter weekend, and took Gemma on her first official hike! We planted some veggies the very first week of quarantine, but Home Depot and the amount of people and especially the pen/paypad really freaked me out. It was a fun outing since we were able to walk/wagon over though. One of our biggest bright spots was having Tucker complete his heart worm treatment, and finally be able to be out of his own confinement and play!

As we find ourselves looking towards the “reopening” of things, and Phase 1 of the social distancing plan, there’s a little glimmer of hope, but also a loot of skepticism on my part, praying that we don’t take one step forward and two steps back.

I took a look at my one week of quarantine blog, and I’m going to answer where we are on the questions I had then first:

ONE: keep wondering what type of effects this will have on overall health.
Hmmm, I think I’ve gained at least 3 pounds, but maybe five. I wasn’t tracking too hard before it began, but I know it’s an uptick. We’ve celebrated our 9th anniversary, with an entire cake. Learned how to make some pretty stellar bread, and pretty much partake in an adult beverage daily. We are all going to have a sad little detox happening in a week or so.

Somehow, I’ve still gotten in my long weekend run with the exception of Easter weekend. We celebrated on Saturday, and Sunday was a total wash with rain and cold. I even got up to 8 miles one weekend, but struggle to find normal daily time to workout. I still workout 3-4 times a week, but the home workouts are stillllll not fun. I miss my gym time more than anything right now.

TWO: I can’t understand why people aren’t doing what they are told
Yea, I still don’t get this. People are either totally lax, or doing what they should. People who think they are above the sickness are not helping anything. I just pray that people don’t act like a kid who’s been kept in a strict home, and then went off to college and went wild when they got to college after the initial stay at home order is over.

THREE: I keep wondering what this end result of small business life will be.
I know people are struggling, but I’m hoping the light is coming for my small business friends. I learned something pretty significant about my own business during this time though… people often put off the things that I do, but during this slower time, they are taking the time to check them off their list. For this reason, I haven’t seen a slow-down at all. I’m so, so grateful for this… but it’s not without a little bit of guilt for my other small business friends who are feeling the effects.

I’ve had the chance to spend time on some other non-work projects too, including making a Quarantine Chart for kids & adults and a super fun Outdoor Scavenger Hunt + Checklist. I’ve also finished Gemma’s Second Year video (but can’t export it without errors… ughhhh!) and sent off my first set of patterns to be sampled from Spoonflower. I can’t waitttt to see them in person!

FOUR: My heart continues to break daily for the people who have big life events coming and going without being able to celebrate.
We participated in a friend’s drive-by birthday party, and I have had 6-7 bride clients reschedule their wedding dates. Gemma’s birthday is at the end of May, and even though it breaks my heart, we are going to be doing suppppper small family gathering instead of a normal big bash. That is, as long as things keep progressing in the right direction. Any and all tips how to make small gatherings super special… send ’em over!

FIVE: I have already become a little more of a hoarder… of weird things like baggies from foods.
After a few weeks, things normalized and we stopped hoarding as many things. I saved some TP rolls for a very popular kids quarantine craft and it was a total bust. I stopped hoarding things for child entertainment after that. I have spent a pretty decent amount of money on new markers, crayons and other weird things to keep Gemma entertained.

We’ve done our own craft projects. Some that have been horrible. And some that have turned out pretty darn cute. And somehow, Gemma learned to draw faces, and color in the lines during our month. We didn’t really work on it at all, but I was super pumped when it happened!

SIX: My biggest rabbit hole is a giant struggle about how crazy I want to be about this whole thing.
Rudy’s been wiping down our boxes and groceries, and since we aren’t having to go anywhere, there’s not much else to be crazy about. Check back in another month I guess. I will be wearing a mask to the store for a while when/if I go back. And keeping hand sanitizer in my car…

It’s definitely not been fun, but it hasn’t been all bad either. I still feel like there’s just as many questions one month and eleven days later as there were the first week. And some major unknowns are still in the air—travel, football, events. And sooner rather than later, will we have a spike in cases after we open up, and what on earth am I going to do about childcare through the summer. This poor baby needs friends!

2020 has been a wild, wild ride… wouldn’t you agree?

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