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    Dear Baby Gil

    Dear Gemma | The Two Month Mark

    Happy (rainy) Friday! Today starts my weekend! I worked super hard this week, and so I’m currently rewarding myself with blogging from the bed with coffee while my babe sleeps. My grandmother keeps telling me that Gemma is possibly the…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    Dear Gemma | Three Week Birthday

    I guess I will stop blogging Gemma’s weeks when I run out of fabulous new photos to show you! I still have plans to show you our home remodels, and her nursery, of course, and some book reports on some…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    Happy Birthday, Gemma! | Dear, Gemma | Week One

    Having trouble focusing after a long holiday weekend? Well, let me indulge your procrastination just a little bit longer with some massive baby spam! I certainly do not plan on giving weekly updates on our little bit, because let’s get…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    Week by Week | Pregnancy Reflections

    It seems like forever and yesterday when we announced our expected bundle of joy arriving in May. Now, here we are, Gemma’s birthday! There’s nothing like a good blog to take up a morning of waiting to go into the hospital! I…

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    Dear Baby Gil,  Life with Gils

    Celebrate the Seasons | 2016 Recap

    Guys. A new year, and we are already two months in. (However, I’ve been waiting to post this since the end of January!) I absolutely love writing and reading year-end reviews, and especially from 2016, because the world-wide consensus was…

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    2304 Christmas House | 2016

    Merry Christmas from the Gils! It’s surreal to think that this is our last Christmas as a two-some as we enjoy a rare, quiet Christmas Eve, watching movies, eating soup and grilled cheese. It seems fitting just enjoying being together this…