At Home with the Gils,  Christmas

Our Christmas House | 2019

On the 6th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, some down time and a boost of energy! We’ve been down with the plague since Christmas Day, but I think I’m finally over the hump!

It doesn’t matter how hard I try to make time for things I plan to do during the holiday season, they almost never seem to get done. Things that do get done however, are baking with family, painting ornaments with Gemma, and eating (a lot!) with friends and family. And, when it’s all said and done, blogging just doesn’t top being.

blogging just doesn’t top being”

I am starting to work on my 2020 goals, reflecting on the 2019 goal/checklist and deciding what was most impactful to my life. Back to that hopefully tomorrow

For now, I wanted to share our very hygge Christmas house. I’d love to call it a cottage, but I’m not sure we are quite there yet. And, we only call it hygge because we can only see 1/3 of our TV because from last year to this year we got a new couch and had to pick a new spot for the tree. This was the best we could do with what we had!

It’s shameful only because these photos were taken the same day our Christmas card photos were taken because I knew we would have the house super clean! That was…. November 17. I took all the photos of our home, and I was thrilled to have Abbie Bolton Photography take our Christmas card photos this year! She’s a toddler-mom herself, so I knew she would win Gemma right over—and I was right.

So please, come on in to our little Christmas house. Perhaps my favorite place to be during the holidays.

Gemma’s little matching kitchen—eek!

It never fails, Gemma’s room is more than magical at Christmas time! By far my favorite spot in the house.


And, our family Christmas photos for this year! I was so torn, because I had the idea for our card in my head already, and MOST of our year was consumed by our home reno… but I was afraid it would be weird to hang pictures of us in our house, in our house next year. I was wrong. They are perfect. I want them everywhere! Thanks Abbie for seeing my vision and making it happen!

And one little flashback to remind you that time flies, and that spending time with your people really is the most, most important thing.
2017 v. 2019

Stay tuned… 2019 reflections and 2020 goals coming up!

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