At Home with the Gils

Our Christmas House | 2018

Whoops! I spent a good bit of taking these photos during the short period of time when all our presents were wrapped, and our house was (mostly) clean, but yet I never got around to posting them. I will say that it was because we were doing festive things, and enjoying family and friends, and less computers and such. So, even though this was the first year in many years that I didn’t get it posted before the holidays were over, I still wanted to put them up—even at the end of January—for my own sake, and for the memories.

I am always so happy to see our house turn into this cozy Christmas cottage, but I am always much more excited when it finally exits the house, and we get a fresh slate and seemingly much more space! We went back to a fake tree this year because we want to be able to decorate before leaving for Thanksgiving, and we leave it up through Three King’s Day. By the time we get it down, it’s been up for nearly two months! There’s noooo way a real tree would last that long, especially because I have the blackest thumb of any one!

Here’s to a very busy, but very joyful holiday season. Most of our good times can be found at #feliznavidgil and #25daysofgemmaschristmas. Until next year!

Our favorite Christmas ornaments for the year.
Just a little Christmas spirit in the office turned wrapping center.
And my favorite room for last, of course!

Let the countdownfor Christmas 2019 begin!

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