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Our Christmas House | 2017

This is probably the first year that I haven’t gotten our Christmas house blog up before Christmas, but with all the extra excitement surrounding Gemma’s first Christmas, I decided to mostly just soak it in instead of spending time on the computer. Never the less, I spent time before Christmas getting everything lovely, and taking these photos, so I don’t want them to just rot on my computer forever.  I have to admit that our house is not even kind of this clean as we find space for all the new toys and clothes!

Luckily for us, our Christmas celebration continues through January 6—Three King’s Day! So, here is our 2017 Christmas house, and one very special little room that wasn’t there last year. Also, for the most part, this is our renovated kitchen and bathroom blog, since life happened and we haven’t been able to blog about that!


Merry Christmas and Happy Three King’s Day from our family to yours!

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