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Merry Christmas from the Gils | Our Christmas House

We are so excited to have a little Christmas vacation (Christmas on a Friday is amazing!) and go full swing into the New Year with rejuvenated spirits and happy hearts! Currently: drinking wine and eating all the snacks and cookies.

Each year, we seriously get into decorating for Christmas. And by we, I mean, me, and Rudy is great at getting buckets in and out of the shed, and our already put-together tree down from the top of the shed. We make a great team! We decorate every room in the house, even the bathroom!

 I can’t wait to head out with my BFF Ali to gather those post-Christmas sales. It’s pretty much just as good as Black Friday in my mind. Each year my style changes just a little, but I think I’ve finally decided greenery, red and gold are going to be my main things. In college, I was all lime green and pink. Ew.

Without further ado, here are the snapshots of our 2015 Christmas House!


My sister-in-law got me this fabulous Lindsay Letters print that is perfectly Rudy and me! The best quote from Elf.

2015-12-24_00122015-12-24_00072015-12-24_0006 2015-12-24_00032015-12-24_0008

I like to photograph our year’s ornaments. And this year, we have two ornaments! One from the Grand Canyon, a Havasupai Indian made chicken ornament and one from our recent Disney trip to see the final display of the Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

2015-12-24_00092015-12-24_00142015-12-24_00102015-12-24_0015 2015-12-24_0016 2015-12-24_0017 2015-12-24_00182015-12-24_00052015-12-24_00132015-12-24_00042015-12-24_0002

Merry Christmas from the Gils! We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with with all the feelings!


P.S. Our Christmas card, and one of our furry Gils. We all wish you a Merry Christmas!

gil 2015 chirstmas card_Page_1 2015 dog christmas photos-10

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