J + R

homecomingJacki and Rudy met in high school, but weren’t “fast friends” as you might expect. They had French class together sophomore year, and didn’t share many of the same friends. Flash forward to senior year, when Rudy’s parents were traveling for work, he was practically part of Jacki’s family. Rudy likes to blame the fact that he’s an Auburn fan on Jacki not being his friend fast enough.

halloween-2007They went their separate ways when they graduated in 2005, as Jacki headed to Tuscaloosa, and Rudy headed to Auburn. One random night before Halloween in 2007, Rudy called Jacki to ask how to use “iron-on velcro” for his costume. Of all the people to call about that, it must have been fate at work! Jacki invited Rudy to their Halloween party, and their friendship was rekindled.


It wasn’t until after Jacki graduated when the sparks finally decided to fly. Let’s see, seven years after they met? On a trip to New York in October 2009, after a bottle of white zin, they finally took their friendship to more than friends. Both of them knew immediately that the other was “the one”, but it would be a while before either would admit that.


Just a few short months later, in April, Rudy proposed to Jacki in their backyard with gummy letters and “Marry Me” playing. It was the day that changed everything! They immediately began planning a wedding. And one year, and eight days later they began their lives together as The Gils.

2016-drTogether they’ve renovated the little house they live in, survived numerous job changes, and have kept their two dogs alive together for seven years. Rudy is currently the Marketing Coordinator at Aviagen, while Jacki runs her stationery & design business, Salt + Paperie from their house. Their favorite things in life are traveling, house projects, and Rosie’s.

In May 2017, their lives were forever changed by the birth of their daughter, and the 90% of this blog now, Gemma Ruth Gil.

Wanna see more? Check out this wedding video clip. A favorite, forever and ever amen!