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Goodbye, 2015. Hello, 2016!

2015. Where did you go? So many great memories made, but also hardships and growth. More than ever, we learned to cling to family and friends. That quality is better than quantity. We learned we are strong, that we love to work hard, and that maybe we just love our little old house more than we thought.

As 2016 comes in, I like to look back at last year’s resolutions! When I look at them now (10 in total!) I think I might have been a little ambitious, but I did pretty good! Here’s last years personal resolutions, read them in more detail here.

2015 resolutions, resolutions, resolution checklist

X — Well, I did this until July, when I had some health issues and was forced to get on a scale. “A” for effort.

X — I’m pretty disappointed in myself for this one! I love to read, but I guess when you put a number on it, it makes it hard to attain. I did read some great books though, and I plan to read more in 2016 as part of my #30before30 goals
1. The Happiness of Pursuit, completed January 2015
2. Bossypants, completed July 2015
3. The Longest Ride
Half-read and in-progress: Total Money Makeover, Business Brilliant, The Art of Social Media

O — I guess I did this! I’m not really sure how to quantify this. I never felt super guilty about doing anything, and generally feel like I did my best to make myself and others happy, without feeling pressured. I also got a swift correction on January 2nd, 2015 from my dad, about how saying yes can help you be able to do things you might never have thought possible. Touché, dad, touché.

O — Yes! We definitely did this! The back of our Christmas Card told our story of 2015 travels the best! And our anniversary trip was to Mexico, and it was the first flying trip we had taken since our Honeymoon. I think we both realized while we were gone on that trip how important it is for us to get away by ourselves! Also, a huge trip to Vegas in October also spurred a road trip to the Grand Canyon, which we loved! Road Trips while on vacation are the the Gils’ new thing.

gil 2015 chirstmas card_Page_2

O — Yes! I wanted to learn to paddle board, and I actually did. It’s kind of a summer-only hobby, but I still really like it. I’m going to try to get better at it this year, and maybe even attempt some paddle board yoga!


Not bad, right?! In 2016, I am keeping resolutions simple. I want to complete my #30before30 list! It’s a long list in itself, but it’s already been so much fun! I feel confident in my ability to complete it with the help of family and friends! The other thing, is where 2015 was The Year of Travel, I hope to make 2016 The Year of the House. I’ve been in this house for 6 years, and it’s time for some upgrades! I hope to be able to update everyone as we go through a few transformations.


 We also made 2015 business resolutions also! Here’s a look at those:

2015 resolutions, resolutions, resolution checklist

X — Nope. Totally didn’t make this happen, but because I had this goal. I did blog 48 times, and had a lot of fun doing it! I love writing!

O —Yes! By the end of the year I felt like I really did a good job of keeping to my calendar time slots and planning for fun design time. It was mostly for the shop, but that is still fun!

O — Well, I was keeping up with each product added in 2015, but misplaced my sheet. Even if it wasn’t 20 exactly, I dedicated more time to the online shop designing, and opened a new small retail space with our shop stuff! This was a super proud moment and something we hope to grow in 2016! Look for a Spring Designs coming soon!420FED0B-B20B-456C-909B-A1707BDED6B0

O — I met so many great professionals in 2015, and grew a fabulous relationship with my “competition” over at Linen & Leaf. It’s been such a blessing to finally have someone to share real design and paper struggles with.

O — This is the best part. I left this one so vague in 2015 because I didn’t want to give so much away, but one of our greatest accomplishments in 2015 was starting Encourage Huntsville, which is what the whole goal was about. It’s been such a fun ride, and we are almost 1 year old! We have huge plans for 2016, and there are so many workshops ahead!

Business goals for 2016?

  1. Grow appropriately. I’m not ever trying to be some mogul. I’m only called to do what God wants for me and for my family. We do have a pretty great announcement coming as early as tomorrow, however! We want to continue to grow, be even more organized, and make our clients super happy with our whole process!
  2. Focus our brand. We have tried a few things this year that maybe didn’t work out so much. I definitely think we are honing in on what we do best, and want to embrace that more.
  3. Wholesale to stores. We want to be local stores! If you have a store, or want to help us start this very intimidating road, we welcome you to contact us!

Thank you so much for your love and support in 2015! It’s still so amazing a humbling to think that we are approaching our second year of being entrepreneurs! This would not ever be possible without you!


Jacki & Rudy Gil
Salt + Paperie

P.S. We hope to see you at our first Bridal Show of 2016 on January 3 at the VBCC! 

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