Dear Baby Gil

Gemma’s First Year | A Movie

It’s Gemma’s 13 month birthday today, and we officially have a first year video. I dedicated a lot of evenings this month scrolling through all the videos, and drinking all the wine, and reminiscing about how quickly our first year passed by. Time, you thief. I teared up when “Happy Birthday” sang at her first birthday, and cried like a baby after putting her to sleep on her birthday eve, but otherwise kept it together until a flood of memories (that I barely remember) came back from those first three months.

I understand that not everyone will want to spend 40 minutes of their life watching a very amateur (omg, 99% of them in portrait mode) video about our daughter’s first year. But of the hours (days, really…) of her first year video clips, I chose only 1.5 hours, and culled it down to 37 minutes, plus some of my favorite baby girl music.  Honestly, watching this 37 minutes goes just as fast to me as the first year did. If you’re not able to watch it now, one nasty, rainy Monday, maybe you’ll want to waste some time and watch something beside’s recipe videos on Facebook. It’ll be here for you, but it’s mostly for us, and for Gemma.

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.

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