• Dear Baby Gil

    I was a Madison | After the final rose

    I was a Madison. And no, I don’t mean that I had a future MIL that was a complete nightmare. My MIL is fantastic, and even more so after witnessing all of BARB’s heinous actions and words. I can barely…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    First Year Top Ten Favorite Items

     know we just passed the 15 month mark, but I promised a blog about my favorite baby items, and, goshdarnit, I’m going to give it to you! Even if only for my own sake, so that I remember when/if Baby…

  • Dear Baby Gil

    Gemma’s First Year | A Movie

    It’s Gemma’s 13 month birthday today, and we officially have a first year video. I dedicated a lot of evenings this month scrolling through all the videos, and drinking all the wine, and reminiscing about how quickly our first year…

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    Birthday,  Dear Baby Gil

    Donut Grow Up Gemma | First Birthday

    How can this be happening already? It seems like just yesterday, but also a lifetime ago I was keeping myself busy with my pregnancy reflections blog before we headed to the hospital. (A noon check-in sucks!) Now, here I am,…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    Dear Gemma | The Two Month Mark

    Happy (rainy) Friday! Today starts my weekend! I worked super hard this week, and so I’m currently rewarding myself with blogging from the bed with coffee while my babe sleeps. My grandmother keeps telling me that Gemma is possibly the…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    Dear Gemma | Three Week Birthday

    I guess I will stop blogging Gemma’s weeks when I run out of fabulous new photos to show you! I still have plans to show you our home remodels, and her nursery, of course, and some book reports on some…