This blog came from a passion of storytelling, that somehow lost it’s way. Beginning way back with Xanga (please say you had one, too!) writing has been a passion of mine. I started a blog that told many of mine and Rudy’s stories, but when I transitioned to our new business name, all those blogs were lost! Hopefully one day, I’ll either repost the best ones, or figure out how to merge them all back in.

Most of my current posts on my business page, are just that, business. And the art of storytelling was lost along the way.

This is my way of capturing big and little moments in our lives. There’s no commitment of every day, or even every week, but hopefully at least once a month, I’ll have something great for you. But even if no one reads it, I’ll have it as a personal journal to remember these great, and not so great days. Plus, writing in a real journal stresses me out these days because my handwriting gets messy so fast!

So, from your author, welcome to a little snippet of our lives.

If you’d like to chat with us, send us an email to jackiandrudy@gmail.com!

XO— Jacki