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    Live All Out | One Year at Orange Theory

    First of all, I’m completely having a freak out during the moments you are reading this because I’m just going to go ahead and warn you that in this blog there are photos of me in my panties and bra. So, if that freaks you out (mostly to my brother, dad, FIL, or grandfather that could possibly be reading this) just stop right here. I told myself it’s just as much (if not more) as swimsuit coverage, but it’s still my underwear. I have felt a tug to share this blog since September of 2018, but definitely since March, but…

  • Traveling Gils

    Somewhere Only We Know | Travels

    If someone asked me what I would do instead of my current job (which I love) I’d 100% say I’d want to be a writer/blogger. Between running a business (or three), being a mom, a wife, a family member, and…

  • At Home with the Gils

    Our Christmas House | 2018

    Whoops! I spent a good bit of taking these photos during the short period of time when all our presents were wrapped, and our house was (mostly) clean, but yet I never got around to posting them. I will say…

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    Dear Baby Gil

    First Year Top Ten Favorite Items

     know we just passed the 15 month mark, but I promised a blog about my favorite baby items, and, goshdarnit, I’m going to give it to you! Even if only for my own sake, so that I remember when/if Baby…

  • Dear Baby Gil

    Gemma’s First Year | A Movie

    It’s Gemma’s 13 month birthday today, and we officially have a first year video. I dedicated a lot of evenings this month scrolling through all the videos, and drinking all the wine, and reminiscing about how quickly our first year…

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    Birthday,  Dear Baby Gil

    Donut Grow Up Gemma | First Birthday

    How can this be happening already? It seems like just yesterday, but also a lifetime ago I was keeping myself busy with my pregnancy reflections blog before we headed to the hospital. (A noon check-in sucks!) Now, here I am,…

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    Gil Eats

    Whole30 Ruined My Coffee

    Today is my first day free from Whole30! You’re not going to find any fancy recipes, or really even any food pretty food pictures here, because we didn’t try to get fancy with our cooking (except that one time with…

  • At Home with the Gils

    Our Christmas House | 2017

    This is probably the first year that I haven’t gotten our Christmas house blog up before Christmas, but with all the extra excitement surrounding Gemma’s first Christmas, I decided to mostly just soak it in instead of spending time on…